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  1. Step 1
    Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a 11 X 7 pan with parchment paper. Leave an overhang of parchment paper on the ends of the pan to make it easier to pull the blondies out. Spray parchment paper and sides of the exposed pan with non-stick cooking spray.

  2. Step 2
    In a large mixing bowl, add in melted butter and light brown sugar. Stir to combine.

  3. Step 3
    Add in the egg, vanilla extract, and 1/4 cup apple butter. Whisk mixture until thoroughly incorporated.

  4. Step 4
    Add baking powder, flour, and ground cinnamon. Stir until everything is combined.

  5. Step 5
    Spread 3/4 of the batter evenly into the prepared pan. Set aside.

  6. Step 6
    In separate bowl, prepare cheesecake. Add cream cheese and sugar and mix until smooth and creamy.

  7. Step 7
    Add in the egg yolk and 1/4 cup of apple butter. Mix until combined.

  8. Step 8
    Add random dollops of the cheesecake mixture, remaining blondie batter, and remaining 1/4 cup of the apple butter on top of the batter already in the pan.

  9. Step 9
    Using a skewer or butter knife, swirl the dollops all around.

  10. Step 10
    Give pan a few taps on the counter to smooth the dollops out. Bake for 40 minutes.

  11. Step 11
    Let blondies cool in the pan before slicing. The cheesecake mixture should be completely set. Store bars in the refrigerator.

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